Independent Professionals

Have you ever found it difficult to get ahead within a stringent corporate hierarchy and dreamed of becoming independent?

Have you ever wanted to use your unique skill-set to facilitate the management of challenging projects?

And have you ever wished to take full control of your professional life, deciding when and where to work?

If so, you belong to the new breed of independent professionals – the fastest growing personnel segment that will dominate the workforce in the future!

Our services for Independent Professionals

codexxa enables independent professionals (IPs) to be successful and to profit from a diversity of on-the-job challenges. This involves assigning the best and most appropriate talent (individuals and teams) to the most exciting business challenges, as well as providing infrastructure and support services to them.

codexxa offers a variety of services that enables independent professionals to have impact in the most exciting projects. Whether you are an established independent professional or recently embarked on this path, working through codexxa offers a variety of unique benefits:

  • Support in becoming independent.
    We help you with the necessary infrastructure and provide you with the necessary security to take this career step.
  • Project acquisition
    We are constantly tapped into the market and therefore acquire the most exciting and challenging projects. 
  • Administrative support
    We offer a full package of administrative support services such as contract administration and invoicing.
    We actively support you along every project.
  • Analytical and research support
    We provide access to world-class research facilities.
  • Networking opportunities among IPs
    We provide an environment which enables informal networking among IPs to facilitate sharing of ideas, knowledge and information.
  • Training/Coaching and professional development
    At the completion of each project we will review with you your achievements and discuss potential development needs. We will arrange knowledge sharing events and recommend appropriate pre-screened trainings.
  • Pension plans. We provide access to advantageous pension plan programs.