codexxa enables large corporations as well as small and medium enterprises to maximize the value they get from working with independent professionals.

By selecting and assigning highly specialized professionals, we help corporations build and develop their own resources and in-source only the additional expertise required for specific business challenges. This will also allow corporations to use their own knowledge management systems and project management capabilities.

codexxa offers a variety of services that help corporations to manage independent professionals and to maximize the value they get from working with independent professionals. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Project scoping. We provide access to expertise in project scoping and work planning. We help you define skills, expertise and time requirements and build teams of appropriate personnel.
  • Facilitates project-management and quality control
  • Undertakes search and selection of IPs
  • Ensures knowledge transfer


We are using various of the top notch technologies including but not limited to:

  • Agile Software Development (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Full Java Stack with latest framework (Spring, Hibernate, JavaFX), Node.js, Meteor
  • Databases (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, CouchDB, MongoDB), Elastic Stack, TICK Stack, Big Date and low latency
  • Development (IndelliJ, Eclipse), Continuous Build (Git, SVN, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins)
  • Testing (Junit, JMeter, Mockito), Code Review (Crucible)
  • DevOps, Docker, Continous Deploymennt (Ansible, Jenkins)
  • Blockchain (Ethereum, Hyperledger)

Our Recruiting Process

Our independent professionals (IPs) have a university degree, most have an MBA or PHD from renowned universities.

A typical codexxa IP has more than 10 years management experience with a proven track record and/or experience with a top tier consultancy.

To meet the high expectations of our clients, our selection process is rigorous.